Earn Scouting Heritage Merit Badge

CLICK THE LINK ABOVE to access the 30-minute virtual tour of the Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum!  It contains most of what you need to know to earn the SCOUTING HERITAGE MERIT BADGE, and more!  This is available to Scouts within DWC, or out-of-Council.

It is also a good introduction to our collection and our story for anyone–Scouts, Scouters, and the general public –who may not be able to visit in-person.

This video was written and hosted by our Communications Director, Mr. Joe Biedrzycki, and produced with the production expertise of the staff of GRANITE BASE CAMP,  Daniel Webster Council’s camp program for both Scouts and non-Scouts.  It was first used in the summer of 2020, as part of that year’s virtual summer program.

Merit badges are not available to Cub Scouts.  However, Boy Scouts, and Girl members of SCOUTS BSA, who want to earn the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge, (virtually) should:

  1.  Get a Blue Card signed by your Scoutmaster.
  2. Contact, and let him know you’d like to earn “SHMB”
  3. Print out the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge Worksheet (Click this link)
  4. It will also be helpful to read the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge booklet: (Click this link)
  5. If the online booklet is not complete, you can purchase a copy for yourself at the SCOUT SHOP at Camp Carpenter, or wherever your unit buys your Scouting supplies.
  6. Watch the Video and record the facts needed to fulfill the requirements into your worksheet.
  7. When you think you’re ready…Contact Mr. B. again to set up a review with a registered SHMB Counselor (we have six of them on the All-Volunteer Staff of the Scouting Museum)
  8. Step through the requirements, explain what you have learned, and discuss everything with the counselor to whom you are assigned.  Remember, this is an INTERACTIVE Merit Badge, you can’t just watch the video and automatically earn it!
  9. NOTE:  NOT ALL Requirements can be completed through the video and the booklet…Requirements Numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 require independent work or work with your local unit resources or personnel.  If you have questions, ask Mr. B. or your counselor when one is assigned.

PLEASE NOTE—  Per BSA Youth Protection Guidelines:  All e-mails (to both Scouts and Counselors) must be cc’d to another adult (Parent, SM, or Committee Member), and all ZOOM Meetings must be attended and monitored by another adult in the space with the Scout.