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Every once in a while, something donated even stumps the experts (our Curator and Exhibits Committee members).  This page asks you to help us identify rare artifacts that we’ve never seen before.  Play detective with us, and help “fill in the blanks”!

7/31/23 – 1 – “DWC Sport-a-ree”

Our GUESS is that, based on the shape of the patch, that it is from a CUB SCOUT Program event.

_____________________________________________________________________________________7/31/23 – 2 – “Mead Base with rocker”:

What event was the rocker for, and are there additional similar rockers for other events at Meade Base, that go around this patch?  We KNOW about other blue and white rockers for Mead Base patches, but this is clearly from another series.

_____________________________________________________________________________________7/31/23 – 3 – What the DEVIL is this neckerchief about?